The Day After

Well meaning folks, keep asking me how I’m doing…you know, after the final Sunday for the worshipping community of Cherokee Christian Church.

And it’s odd…because I don’t really feel anything.

To be fair, that’s a pretty common coping mechanism for me, so I’m not alarmed.  Not to mention, there’s a 100 little tie-up type things that still need to be done when you’re dissolving an institution, so I’m a little focused on that for the moment.  And maybe it’s not real yet, since I’m sitting in my (albeit, empty) office still, and clacking away emails still, and feeding yesterday’s communion bread to the birds still.  Maybe on Wednesday morning, when I roll out of bed and wonder what to train my thoughts on for the day and decide over coffee what needs to be added to my to-do list….then maybe, it’ll be real.

But for now, I’m just praying for those who woke up this morning and realized that their church home, is no longer there for them.  I’m praying for those who will have to break a 28 year old pattern – breakfast, beauty parlor, church, clean kitchen, chat with secretary, go home type patterns – and make it something else. I’m praying for those who will drive by this building and their heart will lurch with loss.  I’m praying for those who will wonder on Saturday night, where they belong in the morning.  I’m praying….

Praying that each, might know God’s presence in tangible ways.  That they might sense God’s breath, blowing through their hurting hearts and find a bit of cool relief on their hot, tear stained cheeks.  I pray that each, might know “home” and “place” in a new way and find new friends to share a pew with.  I pray that this loss, might open doors to new expressions of faithfulness and a renewed sense of justice.

But mostly I pray that the message of hope…that the promises of our God, are not just for those within the walls of one church or another…but instead, are wide enough and big enough and open enough to follow us on this journey of faith, no matter where it might lead us…I pray that that message, might be made known today, in a very real way.

church keys


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