Today I took some time to pray.

This in and of itself, is not unusual. I pray regularly. I don’t say that to brag…just that, I want to be sure that you understand, that my sitting in a period of silence to connect, engage, and listen for God, is a regular thing.

So I took some time to pray.

But it didn’t go quite as planned.



Almost immediately, my mind when to my sermon.

Which is about a mother of a blind woman.

Which made me think of my mother.

Whom I haven’t called in a few days.

Then I wondered if I’d left my phone ringer on.

And then the word “ringer” started to sound like wringer.

And because of my “3rd grade boy” mind, it started to sound like… well, you understand.

And I got confused.



Uh oh. I left the laundry in the washing machine.

I should get that.

But then I’d have to fold the ones in the dryer.

Never mind. They can stay. What’s a little mildew smell? I’ll wear perfume.



I wonder… (tap, tap, tap)

Wonder. Wonder lust.

Why do they call it lust? It’s more like a wonder craving. Like nighttime ice cream.

We really should get on that vacation planning.

My life seems like one big plan.

The word plan is starting to sound like the word flan.

Like nighttime flan.



Okay….I’m really gonna get to it, this time.




Maybe we should hang this up for a bit.

I need to call my mom.

And change out my laundry.

And work on my plan.

And there’s a good chance…there might be midnight ice cream in my future.


Sometimes, the words come easily. Sometimes they don’t. And that’s okay. The thing is, I think God is okay with those moments when we wander and allow our “3rd grade boy” mind make a funny joke, mid-prayer. I think God knows what’s on our hearts and knows our concerns; and I truly believe that God is working and recreating in our midst, regardless, if we ask or don’t ask. I think God speaks to us, even when we can’t listen.

But prayer gives us a moment…hopefully several moments…to breath in the presence of God. To remember that God is intricately involved in even the most mundane tasks….shining a light in our souls, when darkness threatens to overtake things…recentering us, when life seems like a series of to-do lists and little boxes that must be checked off by the end of the day.


So, God…



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